Johann Gottlieb Hummel, His Life and Story

Johann Gottlieb Hummel

One descendant we all have in common is Johann Gottlieb Hummel.  According to his Probate Court Records, he went by Gottlieb Hummel, sometimes spelled Gottlob.  He was born in Erdmannhausen, Württemberg, Germany in 1829.  The city of Erdmannhausen is in the southwestern state of Germany in present day Baden-Württemberg.  Part of the state of Baden-Württemberg borders on Switzerland.

Gottlieb married Marie (Mary) Magdalene Strecker in 1856 in Poppenweiler, Germany.  The city of Poppenweiler is also in present day Baden-Württemberg, Germany.   The cities of Erdmannhausen and Poppenweiler are about 4 miles apart.  Though they were not directly on the famous Neckar River of Southern Germany, they were just a few miles away.  The Neckar River is 225 miles long and weaves it way through all of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.    

Mary and Gottlieb had five children.  Their oldest son Christian Gottlieb Hummel was born in Poppenweiler Germany in 1858 but he only survived 5 months.  I can only imagine how difficult that must have been to be newlyweds and to have lost your first-born child.

Shortly after they buried their son Christian, they immigrated to the United States.  Eventually, they had four other children – Wilhelm Frederick (1861-1884), George Ludwig (Louis) Hummel (1863 – 1941), Martha Louise Hummel Solter (1861 – 1957) and August Gottlob Hummel (1868 – 1946).  

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