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Gottlieb and Mary Hummel’s children all chose very different paths in life.  One was a preacher, one was a doctor—who liked to boil up a corpse in his spare time—another an artist, while one chose to be a farmer.  All traveled various paths, but all came from the same origin: the Hummel family.  

At this year’s Hummel Family reunion, it was wonderful to see how the descendants of Gottlieb and Mary Hummel, though once started in humble Warrenton, Missouri, gathered from all different places around the country. Similar to our ancestors, we all had taken different paths in our lives. Some of us in our midst had become preachers, medical professionals, artists, and farmers.  Perhaps we all came out of the reunion feeling that we are all a bit more like our ancestors than we had realized.

It was a wonderful weekend, one of seeing family we had not seen in a while and meeting those we had never met.  It was great to see all the descendants under one roof in the wonderful wing of the Warrenton Historical Society. Thank you to all that worked so hard to put together such a great event, and thank you to all those that traveled so far to come and participate in this event.

We hope that the reunions we have made, the families we have met, and the people we bonded with will not be strangers but will continue to keep in touch. One way we hope to be able to do this is through this website and blog. Through modern technology and the internet, the connections we made through this memorable but short-lived event can continue to last. We hope that we can keep in touch and continue to share the memories of our loved ones who have passed on, as well as share news or stories about our own trek through the various walks of life.

Again, we thank everyone for their help and participation in this lovely reunion and hope that the memories we made will be able to last a lifetime.

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By Anita Louse Hummel and Emily Atwood 

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