The Strecker Family Reunion in Hannover, Germany (1929)

The Strecker Family Reunion in Hannover Germany 1929

As I was looking over some of the papers from R. Stuart Hummel located at Stanford University collection, I came across a very old German Newspaper clipping. The newspaper clipping talked about a Strecker Family reunion that took place in 1929.

The Strecker family held a family reunion that in 1929 was news in the local German Hannover newspaper. This event was significant enough for the German newspaper to consider it newsworthy. The newspaper said this was the 8th Strecker family reunion; the reunions would have started in 1921. The reunions were held in July each year.

We have some Strecker family members from Germany in our Hummel family line. Maria Magdalena Strecker married Gottlieb Hummel in Germany in 1856; shortly after their marriage, they immigrated to the United States and eventually settled in Warrenton, Missouri.

All About The Strecker Family Reunion of 1929

The Hannover Anzeiger Newspaper, on 4 August 1929, wrote that the end of July was known as the Strecker Day. This day was essentially a Strecker family reunion that took place each year at the same time during the end of July. Members of the Strecker family would gather together in Hannover, Germany.

This event was so prominent that in 1929 the event made it into the Hannover German newspaper. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those events that have gotten lost with time; I have not found any more information about the Strecker Day or Strecker Family Reunion except this article in the 1929 newspaper.

Old German Newspaper Clipping
Hannover Anzeiger Newspaper Clipping, 4 August 1929 about Strecker Family Reunion, copy of newspaper clipping

Here is a translation from the 1929 German Hannover Anzeiger Newspaper clipping about the Strecker Day or Strecker Family Reunion:

“On the 27th and 28th of July there took place in Hannover the 8th Strecker day. The Streckers are natives of South Hannover and Thüringen. They are an old established family which, according to the best information available dating as far back as the year 1400, made their homes in Göttingen, Heiligenstadt, and Mulhausen. They belong to the few families which can trace their ancestry back over 500 years. Certain members of this family receive special recognition by being elevated into the nobility. The senior member of this family, Doctor of Philosophy William Strecker of Mannheim, led the 8th family reunion to be held in that city. From many areas more than 90 relatives attended. During their sessions, it was decided to continue the research into the family’s genealogy. Towards this objective, Friedrich Strecker submitted a proposal which was adopted unanimously: “we shall continue to search for our forebears so as to bring the family up-to-date.” It was also decided, because it was considered to be important, to attempt to prepare a family record (family tree) which once and for all will include the names of all the family members. This study is also intended to include research into inheritance matters (property transfers). The family reached the decision that it wants to make the information resulting from the research available to everyone.”

Hannover Anzeiger Newspaper Clipping, 4 August 1929

(The original article was translated from the German Newspaper by Mr Henry Schmidt of Sonoma, and reworked in English by R.. Stuart Hummel, Feb 25, 1979)

This is quite an interesting newspaper article as there are a few things we can learn from this newspaper clipping:

  • The Strecker name and the family line are an ancient German family line; the family name goes back almost 600 years.
  • The Strecker family reunion was prominent enough that it was able to make it into what seems to have been a major newspaper of the day.
  • The Doctor of Philosophy William Strecker lived in Mannheim, Germany, located in the Rhine and Neckar Area of northwestern Baden-Württemberg. Germany. This area is closer to Poppenweilier, which is where our relative Maria Strecker was from.
  • The Streckers are natives of South Hannover and Thüringen, Germany; the Strecker’s originally came from Göttingen, Heiligenstadt, and Mulhausen, Germany (South Hannover and Thüringe German Areas).
    • Göttingen, Germany, is in Central Germany and is about 60 miles or 100 kilometers south of Hannover, Germany.
    • Heiligenstade, Germany, is about 38 kilometers or 23 miles south of Göttingen, Germany.
    • Miulhausen. Germany is about 50 km (31 miles) south-east of Göttingen, Germany.
      • Even though the Strecker family originally came from this area, we know that some moved further south to the Baden-Württemberg area.
  • It seems that during this time, the Strecker family was quite organized and concerned about preserving their family history and knowing about their ancestors.
  • According to this article, over 90 people attended this reunion; even today’s standards, this would be a pretty good size family reunion. This means that many of the relatives must have been in touch and known each other to gather such a large group of people together in 1929.
  • There seems to have been some land, property, or inheritance concerns that the Strecker family will also address with these family reunions.
  • The German newspaper shows the last name as Streder for the German version, though the English is Strecker, so there can be some people who changed the name to Stricker, Strider, Streder.

It is fascinating to learn that almost 100 years ago, our ancestors in Germany gathered each year to hold a family reunion. They showed us that our family is important and that remembering our ancestors and knowing where our family is from is important.

I am grateful for my family and my ancestors who have gone before me; these men and women have shown me that being concerned about your family and ancestors is important. We owe it to them to remember them and the legacy they have left.

If you have any questions about the R Stuart Hummel collection, The Hummel Family or would like to know more about The Strecker Family you are welcome to contact me, Anita Hummel, by clicking here.

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