What Year Was Abraham From The Bible Born?

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Abraham, in the Bible, was born a long time ago; there are 42 generations between him and the birth of Christ.

Abraham lived about 2000 BC or about 2,000 years before Christ came to the earth. He was born in Ur and came from a family that worshipped idols and lost their way in not worshipping the one true God. Abraham tried to preach repentance to them, but they would not listen.

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Abraham Lived About 2000 BC

It is estimated that Abraham was born about 2000 BC, so he lived during the 2000 BC period.

Abraham is also known as the Father of The Multitude, Father of the Faithful. or Father of the Covenant. Abraham has always been known as an essential person in the Old Testament.

When Jesus was on the earth, he and his apostles referenced Abraham many times and understood that he was considered to be a founder of the covenant race, even though Abraham had lived 2,000 years before Christ came to the earth; this shows you how important Abraham is to the entire teachings in the Bible.

Here are something we know about Abraham:

Abraham Was Born in Ur

The Bible records the birthplace of Abraham as Ur. The ancient town of Ur has been identified as the modern town of Mugheir in present-day Iraq. It is about 150 miles or 240 kilometers from the Persian Gulf and 875 miles or approximately 1400 kilometers from Egypt.

Ziggurat of Ur, Before and After

Ur, at the time, was known to be the area of Chaldea. Even though the people of Chelsia and Egypt are entirely separate geographically, they still share some religious beliefs and practices. It has been mentioned that some of the priests of the Chaldeans where Abraham lived were also the priests of the Egyptian pharaohs.

Abraham May Have Known Noah

During this time, people live much longer than we do now. For example, Abraham was known to live 930 years. Noah also lived a long time.

Because of this, Abraham may have known the prophet Noah as Noah was still alive during the early years of Abrahams’s life. Noah could have impacted Abraham that we do not know about.

Abraham’s Father Had Turned Away From The Faith

Abraham’s father had turned away from the teachings of his father and family; he was worshiping false gods and had become an idolator that was worshipping idols. His entire family had started to worship idols.

Although Abraham was raised in this environment, he still believed in the gospel and tried to preach righteousness to his family. They did not listen to him, and because he insisted on worshiping the true God and not the idols, they persecuted him and tried to kill him.

At one point, his father tried to offer him up to be sacrificed to an idol god, but it was only through the intervention of the Lord that Abraham’s life was spared.

Abraham’s Family Left Ur For The Land Of Harlan

Abraham’s s family left Ur and moved to the Land of Harlan. The Land of Harlan is present-day southwest Turkey.

This land was named Haran by Abraham’s family in honor of his deceased brother Haran who had died. Haran was also where his father went as there were many animal flocks, so it was considered a good place for them to raise their animal flocks.

This Land of Haran was also not far from the Euphrates, a mighty river and trading area. The Lord told Abraham to leave the Land of Haran and his father.

During The Time Of Abraham, The Egyptians Practiced Human Sacrifice

When Abraham lived, several hundred years had passed between Noah and Abraham, or about ten generations. During these hundreds of years since the flood, Noah’s posterity had multiplied and lived all over the earth.

Amid all the scattering upon the earth, the true worship of God had also been lost in many parts. At the time, the civilization of Egypt, Chaldea, Assyria, and Canaan had been formed.

Sacrifice was a way that many of the people during the time worshipped. Usually, they would sacrifice a lamb or another animal to symbolize that one day Christ, the lamb of God, would be sacrificed upon the cross.

But the religion of the day also changed and became perverted, and in no place did this happen more than in Egypt. They altered the sacrifice from an animal to an actual human sacrifice in Egypt.

This would be why Abraham’s father wanted to sacrifice Abraham to the gods for his idol worship; it was considered an accepted kind of behavior and sacrifice.

Abraham is a significant person in the Old and New Testaments. Not only is his life recorded in the Old Testament, but in the New Testament, Jesus also talks about him and his life even though Abraham lived about 2,000 years before Christ.

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